When you retain Summative, you receive our total focus and commitment to recruiting an executive that will positively impact your company’s performance and the lives of those involved. To do this, we start with our proven methodology then create customized recruiting solutions to address the unique goals of each search.


Get to know you, your company, and your market.

Our first step is to understand all things you: your market, product, go-to-market strategies, and management team. We work to understand not only where the company is today, but where the company is going.


Develop a customized search strategy.

You receive a written game plan that includes a marketing campaign designed specifically for your search. We supplement your existing marketing assets with unique messaging and collaterals, created just for your search, to captivate the most discriminating candidates. We leverage your input with our years of experience to develop the ideal position and candidate profiles for your company’s go-to-market strategies and maturation stage.


Target and engage candidates.

We target the perfect candidates for your search by leveraging our national network of leading executives and proprietary database of >40,000. But we don’t stop there. We complete dozens of hours of original research for each search. Executives we know to be exceptional are prioritized and presented to you quickly. Behind that we build a strong pipeline using outbound candidate lead generation campaigns and the latest social media tools to capture inbound candidate leads.


Interview and manage to milestones.

We use a variety of resources to thoroughly vet candidates including our prior interviews and reference checks; experience maps completed by the candidates; and multiple phone, video, or in-person experience and behavioral interviews. Candidates are immediately presented at the point we believe they exceed the bar. With our unique candidate documentation and recorded video interviews, you get unsurpassed visibility into each candidate. A client portal created just for you provides centralized 24×7 access to the candidate pipeline and each candidate’s documentation. Regular meetings with us insure we share valuable feedback and manage the search to meet critical milestones.


Online assessment, , select, and close.

Throughout the process Summative is constantly developing our relationship with you and with your candidates so that as you approach the final stages you understand and appreciate each other’s goals and objectives. Profiles International’s ProfileXT can provide additional interviewing suggestions and confidence by revealing how a candidate’s thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests compare to some of tech’s most successful executives. Finally, working closely with you, we manage the homestretch, from reference checks through trial offer to closure.

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