Almost or recently public? Recruiting diversified, independent directors critical to investors, analysts, and performance

By: Peggy Thompson

Strong governance smooths rough patches and cultivates confidence. According to EY, some investors may give a new IPO company time for their governance practices to evolve – particularly during periods of strong financial performance.  However, sustaining valuation during a post-IPO rough patch can be more challenging unless the company is perceived as being well run

Summative Welcomes Boston’s George Hotter as Advisor

By: Hannah Sears

Summative welcomed George Hotter as an advisor this month. He was born in New York and has spent the last 20+ years leading human resources and talent acquisition for fast growing technology companies. He has interviewed and hired thousands of candidates around the world and completed more than 50 successful executive placements. I sat down

Time to move HR to inner circle: Chief People Officers deliver competitive edge in building culture that attracts great talent

By: Peggy Thompson

It’s all about the people. More than 80% of the S&P 500 market value is attributed to people-driven, intangible assets like patents, intellectual property, brands, and R&D.  Given the value and competitive edge people can deliver, attracting, engaging, and retaining exceptional talent just makes sense. Jack and Suzy Welch summed it up well in their

A Challenging CEO Can be a Positive Leading Indicator for Success: Comparing Behavioral Traits of Private Venture Technology CEOs to CEOs Across all Industries

By: Jenny Steelman

Everything We’ve Heard and Seen Suggests that CEOs of Fast Growing Technology Companies are Different We’ve all heard private venture technology boards and executive teams grouse about CEOs with comments like, “He’s too maniacally focused.”  Or, “It’s hard to sway her once she’s put a stake in the ground.” Think about Steve Jobs (and it’s

Update: Executive Recruiting Strategies In the Midst of Private Venture’s Growing “Perfect Storm”

By: Peggy Thompson and Jenny Steelman

In last year’s “Rules of the Game Changing in Search for Private Venture Executive Talent,” Summative concluded that that private venture is in the midst of a “perfect storm” when it comes to recruiting top talent to lead venture-backed technology companies.  Over the past year, the storm has grown in size and strength, creating an

For Our Time-Constrained Clients: Highlights and Analysis of Venture Capital Trends 2014

By: Jenny Steelman

We at Summative know our clients are incredibly busy delivering products, building companies, and hiring executives.   We also understand that the state of the tech industry and private venture impacts not only our clients’ ability to raise their next crucial round of funding, but also to attract their next great executive leader.   So, here, for our

Growth Hacker Marketing, John Price, Vast, and Trilogy Knew Then What We Need Now

By: Peggy Thompson

I had a great meeting with John Price, CEO, Monday.   John retained me way back in 1996 to recruit for Trilogy Software, the magazine cover darling of Texas high tech at the time.  It was my first shot at recruiting for an early stage, fast growing technology company.  As detailed in this WSJ article,

Recruiting the Right Executive is More Important than the Product, Market

By: Peggy Thompson

Some Stool Legs Carry More Weight Carpenters build three-legged stools knowing that each leg is essential to the stool’s success.  If each of the three legs isn’t equally strong, the stool will crumble under load-bearing weight. Most investors and CEOs believe that the success of a private-venture technology company is also built on three equal,

Rules of the Game Changing for Private Venture Executive Search – Part 5 of 5

By: Peggy Thompson

Making Sure You Conduct a Competitive Search Competing successfully for executive talent has never been more challenging for venture-backed technology firms. Understanding the forces that drive how executive recruiting has changed in the past several years is a first step.  Adopting the guidelines for executive recruitment described in this whitepaper will help investors, clients and

Rules of the Game Changing for Private Venture Executive Search – Part 4 of 5

By: Peggy Thompson

Quickly Assess Candidates at Each Stage of the Search Once you’ve opened the candidate funnel, you must have the bandwidth and experience to go beyond the traditional interviews and back-door reference checks to quickly assess and identify, at every stage of the search, those candidates with the most promise.  Some companies, for example, think they