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Growth Hacker Marketing, John Price, Vast, and Trilogy Knew Then What We Need Now

Friday, December 6th, 2013

I had a great meeting with John Price, CEO, Monday.   John retained me way back in 1996 to recruit for Trilogy Software, the magazine cover darling of Texas high tech at the time.  It was my first shot at recruiting for an early stage, fast growing technology company.  As detailed in this WSJ article, John and Trilogy understood the value of great, smart talent.   They also understood what it took to attract great talent in a highly competitive market. 

As detailed in our white paper, “Rules of the Game Changing in Search for Private Venture Executive Talent,” we in private venture are once again in the same position Trilogy found itself in the late 1990’s.   There is a greater demand for smart, proven talent than there are proven, “easy decision” candidates available.   While the dynamics of this lack of supply today differ from the 1990’s, the implications are the same.   We must widen the top of the candidate funnel and do a better job of attracting, assessing, and selecting high potential executive talent.

During Monday’s meeting, John also introduced me to a great eBook/audio book, Growth Hacker Marketing:  A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising, by Ryan Holiday.   It’s an easy, must read or listen for every private venture executive and investor.  Ryan Holiday expands on the earlier notion of guerilla marketing by emphasizing the value of getting the product right from the beginning, and the important role great marketers, with a strong sense of product, play in that process.  Ryan uses many b2c start-up examples in Growth Hacker Marketing, but with creativity and imagination the principles can be applied to b2b companies – perhaps even b2b companies going to market through an indirect channel to IT decision makers. 

I welcome your thoughts.

Thanks, John.  And, congrats on your incredible success to date and to come with Vast things! 


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