Summative is the best experience I’ve ever had with a recruiting firm — Josh Coates, previously founder,; now CEO, Instructure

I have worked with Peggy on venture capital and private equity investments over many years. She is a smart, hardworking recruiter and a great pleasure to work with. — Axel Bichara, Private Venture Investor, Director, Previously Partner, Atlas Venture

Peggy Thompson is a smart, aggressive recruiter who consistently delivers the results I expect. Since 1998, she and her team have managed over 60 searches within Sigma’s portfolio. Peggy’s track record speaks for itself and has earned my confidence in her ability to attract the exceptional executives I seek to recruit. — Bob Davoli, Managing Director, Sigma Prime Ventures

Peggy Thompson and Summative understand the unique requirements of fast-growing private venture technology companies. They know how to engage the best candidates, whether the candidates are in Summative’s extensive network, or out of their network; actively considering a career move, or passively listening. They are great professionals who get results. After working with them several times over the years at three different companies, they’ve earned my trust and my endorsement. — Kevin Klausmeyer, Director, Private Venture Technology Companies

Peggy is super smart, methodical and aggressive in the way she conducts searches. She carefully quarterbacks the process from both the client and candidate perspective, and is exceptionally good at keeping things moving and the candidates engaged. She strikes just the right balance between the needs of the client and the wants and desires of the candidate. — Firas Raouf, Founder, [N]squared Advisory

Summative makes sure that both sides got everything in terms of desires and concerns out on the table so that we could come to a meeting of the minds quickly. She has personal integrity and is extremely honest with us as a client—and with the candidates. — Logan Wray, previously CEO, ITinvolve

In the past, my experience with executive recruiters has been that they often cost a lot of money and don’t always deliver. Peggy Thompson is different. She’s real. She’s genuinely concerned with getting results in terms of the right fit of the candidate and client as opposed to just trying to get a hire. — Josh Coates, previously founder,; now CEO, Instructure

Peggy Thompson takes a unique approach to recruiting. Early-stage, recently funded companies often lack comprehensive market positioning and messaging. Peggy develops the positioning and messaging her clients. — John Mandile, Managing Director, Sigma Prime Ventures

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