Improving the Candidate Evaluation & Selection Process

Given the disproportionate role a strong executive team can play in the success of a private venture technology company, the shrinking volume of “easy decision” candidates, and the greater number of executives with non-traditional profiles entering the top of the recruiting funnel, it’s more important than ever that we accurately assess candidates and put ourselves in the strongest possible position to confidently select the right executive. It's time private venture learns a lesson from big companies: objective online candidate assessments improve the candidate evaluation and selection process.  More »

Rules of the Game Changing in Search for Private Venture Executive Talent

The rules of venture-backed executive recruiting have changed dramatically over the past few years as the demand for executives to lead venture-backed technology companies has outstripped the supply of candidates. Learn how private venture-backed company investors and CEOs can meet the challenges of today’s searches for executive talent to gain a competitive edge.  More »

Building a Technology Team: Alpha Beta and Beyond

Learn what six leading early stage venture capitalists and service providers say about the secrets to developing a strategic hiring road map for successful technology startups, from funding to exit.  More »

Almost or recently public?

Recruiting diversified, independent directors is critical to investors, analysts, and performance. Summative's independent director practice can help. Read blog post.  

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Are you a tough CEO? Are you working with a tough CEO?

A challenging CEO can be a positive leading indicator for success. Read blog post.

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