Firas Raouf, Founder, [N]squared Advisory

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Firas Raouf, Founder, [N]squared Advisory,  was previously a founding member of OpenView Venture Partners, based in Boston. He was a mentor to OpenView’s portfolio, an engaged Board member, and played an active role in investments. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Firas has used the services of executive search firms as an operations executive, investor, and now as an advisor.

Firas utilizes Summative as his go to resource when any of his clients need top notch executive talent.  Since first being introduced to Peggy Thompson in 2011, he has retained Summative to manage several C-level and VP searches.  He explains why.

Consultative, Aggressive Approach Earns Trust

“Peggy Thompson is my personal, preferred senior recruiter. It’s difficult to find an executive search firm that takes a truly consultative approach but Summative is unique.  I trust Peggy, and I trust in her abilities.  I know that when she takes on a search it will be conducted aggressively but with intelligence and awareness of the needs of all parties involved.  I feel confident that she can get the job done.  She’s never failed me.”

Develops Captivating Messaging for Top Candidates

“Peggy spends a considerable amount of time upfront to understand the client company, where it fits in the marketplace, how it competes and the best way to express its value proposition so that prospective candidates can get excited about it.  She has the advantage here because she has a background in technology operations and sales.  In fact, she won’t start the search without coaching the client on how to properly position the organization to target candidates.”

Understands Founding CEOs

“Peggy understands people and what motivates them.  She is particularly aware and sensitive to the dynamics of working with a founding CEO in an executive search.  That means understanding that CEO’s persona and knowing how to present the CEO’s qualities in order to make them attractive to candidates. On the flip side, she works with candidates to really learn their strengths and weaknesses and how the CEO and candidate personalities will mesh.”

Keeps Things Moving

“Peggy is super smart, methodical and aggressive in the way she conducts searches.  She carefully quarterbacks the process from both the client and candidate perspective and is exceptionally good at keeping things moving and the candidates engaged.  She strikes just the right balance between the needs of the client and the wants and desires of the candidate.”


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