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Logan Wray, CEO, ITinvolve

Logan Wray

As CEO and co-founder of ITinvolve, Logan Wray leads the company’s strategic direction, customer relationships and operational disciplines. With more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, Logan has initiated startups, managed large software enterprises and provided financial direction to billion dollar multi-national software organizations. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of NetIQ where he led the acquisition and turnaround of the business to profitability. Prior to NetIQ, Logan was Chief Operating Officer of Motive, Inc., leading the company to a successful IPO while managing all customer-facing operations including sales and service. Logan was also the Chief Financial Officer of Sterling Software as well as a partner at Ernst and Young.

Logan called on Peggy Thompson at Summative to help with a recent search to fill his Vice President of Marketing position.

Opens the Funnel to Top Candidates

“We chose Summative and Peggy Thompson for our executive search in part because of her outstanding network of contacts.  Before we had even signed the contract Peggy was sharing some of her initial candidate possibilities with us so that we were looking at viable candidates right away.  During the process she also opened the funnel to encompass more than just the typical candidates with a startup background.

“Summative has developed an outstanding database of prospects.  Peggy is extremely open in how the search process is managed. Through regularly scheduled meetings, Summative gave us clear visibility into the candidate pool so we could track progress along the way. “

Cultivates Strong Relationships with All Involved Parties

“One thing I’ve noticed is that Summative cultivates great relationships with candidates.  She works hard to understand each candidate’s personality, goals and concerns.

“Peggy personally manages the relationship between her and the candidate, and between her and the client, so that the likelihood of a mutually beneficial match is maximized.  It’s like a sales process in a way, and she is the deal maker bringing both sides together.

“Peggy made sure that both sides got everything in terms of desires and concerns out on the table so that we could come to a meeting of the minds quickly. She has personal integrity and is extremely honest with us as a client—and with the candidates.”

Disciplined Process Gets Results

“Summative has a great process that Peggy has put together over the years.  It helped keep us disciplined throughout the search from initial input through regular meetings.

“One of her key advantages is her technology background.  In our initial meetings, she immediately understood our product and our market.  She also understands our stage of evolution as a startup. About a year ago, in fact, we were considering initiating a search for a certain position. But after discussing it with her, she was honest about the type of candidate we could expect to attract and recommended waiting to fill the position.

“I would hire her again…I will hire her again. “


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